Segway PT Parts & Service Center

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Segway Certified Service Center

Segway of North Georgia is a Segway Certified Service Center and can handle almost all Segway Repair & Service needs, from programming an InfoKey to replacing power supplies to switching gear boxes. Our Segway Service Center is available by appointment only.


In addition to new Segway PT tires, Segway of North Georgia now offers a tire replacement option for your Segway PT i2. The Urban Master tire rides smooth, has a deep tread design and lasts 4x longer than the original Segway tire.

In exchange for your old wheel, your new tire comes mounted on a used i2 rim and costs $155. You can pick up new tires in our Braselton shop or we’ll deliver. If you do not have a serviceable rim, there will be a $65.00 core charge.



Segway of North Georgia offers new and reconditioned batteries for all of your Segway PT models.


Tablet & Phone Holder

These mounts will accommodate a wide range of today’s tablets and smartphones—so you may use either on your PT. With Wi-Fi, you’ll have access to your e-mail, apps, GPS and more.

Compatible with Gen II and SE models


 Handlebar Bag

This spacious, versatile handlebar bag allows you to take along your wallet, smartphone, water bottle or whatever else you’d like*, on your glide. It easily attaches and detaches from the PT, so you have the option of taking it with you. It’s an absolute must have!

Compatible with Gen II and SE models

*Note: Do not exceed the PT handlebar's 10 lb cargo limit.

Cargo Frames

These frames provide you the leverage you need to easily lift and move your PT. They can also accommodate lighting accessories, cargo or anything else you’d like to bring along for the ride.**

Compatible with Gen II and SE models

**Note: Be sure to not exceed the PT's maximum payload of 260 pounds (118kg).

Hard Case Kit by Givi®

We’re proud to offer a hard case from Italian designers, GIVI. This sleek and functional case features a rugged outer shell and a lock to keep your personal items safe and protected from the elements.

Compatible with Gen II and SE models

Universal Cargo Plate

If you’d like to make the most of your PT’s cargo capacity, equip it with our largest and most versatile cargo plate. Use bungee cords and cargo nets to maximize its utility. This plate can be quickly installed on any i2, x2 or SE model and offers two practical configurations.

Compatible with Gen II and SE models